Thu. Oct 24th, 2019

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Sushma Swaraj passes away at 67 after a heart attack.

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Sushma Swaraj

Senior BJP leader and former foreign minister Sushma Swaraj passed away a while ago at AIIMS on Tuesday, 6th August 2019. The BJP veteran, who suffered a massive heart attack, died at the age of 67. She was admitted to the after a cardiac arrest Tuesday Evening. She twitted in this afternoon thanking Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the government’s move on Kashmir stating that she was waiting for this day in her lifetime. 

Sushma Swaraj, being Bharatiya Janata Party’s most prominent woman face, did not contest the recently held Lok Sabha elections in which the party won with a massive majority.

Swaraj was perhaps the most ‘millennial’ minister the Indian government has ever had. From being tagged the ‘supermom’ of India by Washington Post to becoming one of the most-followed politicians on Twitter, the late external affairs minister had truly struck a chord with young and old alike with her round-the-clock social media presence, eagerness to help, and ready wit on social media.


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