Thu. Aug 22nd, 2019

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Loksabha Election Results 2019: India mandates Modi 2.0

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Loksabha election results 2019: Indian mandate is out as PM Narendra Modi, and his party BJP win the 17th Lok Sabha election with a high majority. BJP won 303 seats, and BJP led NDA won 353 seats in total. He tweeted to congratulate and thank India.

Vote counting was going on since morning and everyone was waiting for Lok Sabha Election Results 2019: BJP was in the lead. Till lunch, it was clear that the party was coming to power again. There was not a single moment when there is any party was in lead. All the party workers started celebrating in the morning at the party headquarter, Delhi.

All other party chiefs are welcoming Indian Voter’s mandate. Kasmir Chief Miniter Omar Abdulla twitted in the morning.

” So the exit polls were correct. All that’s left is to congratulate the BJP & NDA for a stellar performance. Credit where credit is due PM Modi Sahib & Mr Amit Shah put together a winning alliance & a very professional campaign. Bring on the next five years. “

Leaders of other countries are congratulating PM Modi on his win. Israel Prime Minister twitted:

” Congratulations, my friend @Narendramodi, on your impressive election victory! The election results further reaffirm your leadership of the world’s largest democracy. Together we will continue to strengthen the great friendship between India & Israel. “

China President Xi Jinping sent a letter congratulating PM Modi.

lok sabha election results 2019

On the other side, there is despair in the Congress camp. Congress has won 52 seats, and Congress-led UPA won 92 seats in total. In many states, Congress could not even open its account in this loksabha election results 2019. It is being said that Rahul Gandhi’s leadership is lacking and he is also convinced that he can resign as party president. But later on, the party denied this and called it just a rumour.

In the noon, Congress Chairperson Mrs Sonia Gandhi called for a review of the election results. Before that Priyanka Gandhi met Mrs Gandhi. Mr Gandhi lost his Amethi seat in this election and this is the

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